That Which We Call A Scrub

Let’s talk about your skin.

You’re skin’s actually the largest organ in your body (yup, it’s actually an organ), and a pretty amazing one at that. Those little layers of tissue have incredible regenerative capabilities. In fact, your skin is regenerating 24/7, starting with the cells from the lowest layer of tissue (the dermis), which migrate their way up to the top. This basic process is a way your body protects itself from infection. Your skin sheds and takes all sorts of nasty stuff with it. Pretty great, right?

Sometimes, though, your skin could use a little extra help. Maybe you’ve got an oily or a flaky situation going on. Or maybe you’ve just lost your glow. Although your cells shed about every thirty days or so, most people can benefit from regular exfoliation, which is the removal of dead cells from the outermost layer of skin. This can help your skin stay cleaner, smoother, and brighter. All good stuff.

Okay, now what’s up with the scrubs?

A skin scrub is a beauty product which contains (mildly) abrasive particles that lift up and remove dead cells from the surface of your skin (bye bye). Chances are, you’ve seen all different kinds of scrubs up and down the beauty aisle. Face scrubs, body scrubs, foot scrubs. Scrubs made of lotion with little plastic beads. Foamy scrubs, sandy scrubs, rocky scrubs. One thing nearly all of these products have in common? Perfumes, dyes, synthetic additives, and particles that are way too rough and can dry out or even tear your skin. To counteract those harsh ingredients, you may find yourself slathering on all sorts of lotions and potions to help restore moisture and softness. And, well, that just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to us.

All That Is Good

SimplyScrub isn’t just a better scrub because we cut out all of the nasty stuff — only 100% Natural, 100% Organic, 100% Chemical-Free ingredients here — we wanted to make sure our organic body scrub collection could be your ultimate multitasker. Because you could do with a few extra minutes in your day (you’re welcome). So, besides finding just the right ingredients to gently exfoliate your skin, we’ve also infused each scrub with a unique blend of essential oils and moisturizers to nourish and hydrate all of those pretty little cells that have been brought to the surface. That means you can skip the extra lotions after your shower — SimplyScrub provides everything your skin needs to say soft and healthy. And, because you deserve to know exactly what you’re putting on your body, we made a full list of what each and every ingredient in our scrubs will do for you — check them all out right here (LINK). Wanna know more about how to keep your skin in tip-top shape, and the super-cool SimplyScrub ingredients that can help you get there? Stay tuned, because this little blog is about to become your new skin care destination.

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