So, it may seem a little weird to rub coffee all over yourself in the name of great skin. But, hear us out. You see, the caffeine in coffee can do way more than just keep you alive in the morning. This little compound, which is found in a whole slew of plants, can do a whole lot of crazy-good things for your skin when applied topically. What kind of wonders are you in for? Here’s the deal:

Keep Calm

Few of us have perfect skin. We’re even willing to bet that everyone has a thing or to about their epidermis they’d rather do without. Redness, bumps, and lumps tend to be some of the most common problems everyone experiences, and they tend to be some of the hardest problems to fix.

Redness can come from a lot of different places, and is often a big issue for people with sensitive or dry skin. When you rub coffee on your skin, caffeine’s natural vasoconstriction properties can help keep that blush at bay. Vaso-what? That’s the narrowing of blood vessels. When the vessels closest to the surface of your skin dilate, your skin appears more red. When the constrict, you get less red. Pretty simple, yeah?

As for bumps and lumps, coffee can be a big help there, too. The rough (but not too rough) texture of coffee grounds makes for a great natural exfoliator, and can help keep you even and smooth by lifting away any dead cells that have overstayed their welcome. Plus, as you rub, the caffeine skinks in and can dehydrate fat cells, which is especially great for those places that make you frown (hello, thighs). If you keep up your coffee scrub routine, you can see those problem spots firm up over time. Major win.

Protector of the Realm

We love sunshine as much as anybody else, but you have to play it safe. The good news is your coffee scrub can help protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can cause age spots, wrinkles, fine lines, dry and rough skin, and cancer, if your skin isn’t properly protected. Coffee won’t replace your SPF (seriously, don’t walk out the door without some sunscreen), but scrubbing with it in your morning shower can give you another layer of protection from the sun and stop any light-induced damage before it can start.

Surprise: coffee is also packed with more antioxidants than nearly any other plant on the planet. Things like pollution and UV rays can damage cells and cause free radicals, which can lead to diseases like cancer. Antioxidants like those found in coffee can restore balance to free radicals and keep them from harming other cells, and they can also hep protect you from signs of aging by accelerating your skin’s natural regenerative capabilities. This will help minimize any damage that does occur — talk about multitasking.

Brighten Up

Your coffee scrub can also boost your mood as effectively as drinking your morning cup. Studies have shown that just the smell of coffee can induce a feeling of calm and stimulate brain function (something we’re always lacking in the AM). Combine that with the the soothing qualities of your morning shower — the warm water, the steam, the peace and quiet — and your coffee scrub can help you head out the door with more “om” on your mind and pep in your step.

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