Skin scrubs have been around for ages as a simple and easy way to exfoliate and improve your complexion, but this simple beauty product does way more than just get rid of those bumps and flakes. Scrubs are a great way to deliver vitamins, minerals, and moisture to the most important parts of your body. The right combination of ingredients can lighten discoloration, combat signs of aging, and even provide relief from chronic skin conditions. That’s right, this one-product wonder does it all, and then some. Below, we’ve listed our top 5 uses for skin scrubs, and why this is one must-have product you need to have on hand at all time.


1. All About Exfoliation

Exfoliation is the act of scrubbing the skin with a mildly abrasive material to remove dead epidermal cells, which transforms your complexion from dull and lifeless to bright and refreshed. Many scrubs contain ground fruit pits or other hard abrasives to exfoliate, but these particles are too rough and can cause scrapes and tears. Instead, find a scrub that uses sugars and salts to exfoliate. These particles are more gentle and eventually dissolve in the shower, so you have no mess on the bottom of your tub when you’re done. Also, don’t rub too hard — smoothing the scrub over your skin in soft, circular motions is more than enough to do the trick. In addition to improving your complexion, the motion of scrubbing will also improve your circulation, which in turn makes you look more vibrant and healthy. Not bad for a few moments’ work, huh?


2. Lighten Those Spots

Dark spots most commonly appear due to age and sun exposure. Although it may seem like those spots are stuck fast, think again. The exfoliation you get from a scrub can help break up the pigment in these splotches and reduce their appearance over time. In particular, look for a scrub that contains sweet almond oil and honeycomb. They help give your skin natural protection from the sun (but don’t skip the SPF) to prevent more spots from popping up later on.


3. Squeaky-Clean Pores

Acne got you down? Scrubs can help. Again, exfoliation here is the key. The abrasives clean dirt from the pores and whisk away dead skin that can also cause clogs. In addition, ingredients like jojoba oil, honey, and tea tree oil destroy bacteria and disinfect your skin. Cleaner skin means fewer chances for breakouts, which is truly something to celebrate.


4. Sweet Eczema Relief

Next time you’re visiting your dermatologist, talk to your doctor about how incorporating scrubs into your skincare routine can help relieve symptoms of eczema. Many people have found that exfoliating scrubs help remove existing flaky patches while added moisturizers in the product soothe inflammation and prevent future flakes and cracks. Look for a scrub with Vitamin E, mint, and coconut oil, as studies have shown that the topical application of these ingredients can help ease flair-ups. Plus, you’ll get a little soothing aromatherapy as well. Rest, relaxation, and relief? It’s just a scrub away.


5. Scars-Be-Gone
Exfoliating with scrubs has been shown to help reduce the appearance of scars, especially those caused by acne. Thanks to how scrubs encourage the turnover of dead cells and helps promote the growth of healthy, new skin. Ingredients like sweet almond oil and cocoa butter have also been shown to reduce the appearance of small scars, so pay extra attention to those spots next time you’re scrubbing away.


Skin scrubs have a whole host of benefits for your complexion and can  help soothe symptoms of chronic skin ailments and reduce the appearance of blemishes. All it takes is a few minutes in the shower with our organic body scrub and some gentle rubbing, and over time you’ll start seeing the benefits. Has a skin scrub helped your appearance? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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