Everyone is in search of the magical elixir for healthy, radiant skin. But we all have different skin types, so is it possible to find one treatment that offers benefits for everyone? Some people have oily skin and are prone to acne breakouts. Others have dry skin, which might get worse in winter months with indoor heating that can be very drying. Frequent bathing, harsh soaps and being dehydrated can also remove the skin’s natural oils. Those with a normal skin type usually have combination skin — that is, dry in some areas and oily in others. And one’s skin type can vary with diet, season, stress and other factors.

Natural body scrubs, particularly those with a combination of effective exfoliates and moisturizers, offers lasting benefits for all skin types. This is because it provides two services that are critical for all types of skin—deep cleansing with removal of dead skin cells plus penetrating moisture for a healthy, vibrant glow and protection against aging.

Body Scrub Benefits for Oily Skin

The cause of oily skin is when the sebaceous glands are overactive, producing too much sebum, an oily substance. Pore size increases, and dead skin cells can get stuck together, causing the pores to become blocked, which shows up as acne. For oily skin, it is especially important to deeply clean and purify the pores to prevent this blockage and subsequent breakouts. A body scrub that contains exfoliants clears away dead skin cells and prepares the skin for better absorption of beneficial ingredients. Exfoliating also improves circulation and helps to drain the lymph nodes, which must be done for good health. Brown sugar is a gentle yet powerful exfoliant. The small size can loosen the bonds of dead skin cells, while at the same time promoting healthy new skin growth. Coffee grounds and dead sea mineral salt are two additional natural exfoliants that gently but thoroughly remove dead skin. Mineral salt also offers many essential minerals that nourish the skin, promote circulation, reduce inflammation, detoxify and relax muscles. When the body scrub includes other supportive ingredients such as antioxidants and moisturizers, oily skin can be restored to a balanced, healthy state.

Antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals that can speed up the aging process. Moisturizers are important because oily skin can still be dehydrated (acne medicines often make the skin drier), and excessive skin dryness may lead to oil overproduction. A well-formulated body scrub with natural exfoliating and moisturizing ingredients will be your oily skin’s best defense.

Benefits of Body Scrubs for Dry Skin

For those with overly dry skin, it’s difficult to retain moisture. Dry skin requires gentle yet thorough cleaning and rich, protective moisturizers. Using a body scrub with exfoliants clears away the dry, flaky skin and dead skin cells, while soothing and moisturizing for healthy skin regeneration and protection against aging. For dry skin, a gentle exfoliant such as brown sugar, cacao nibs or dead sea mineral salt is important, so that you don’t further irritate the sensitive skin. Mineral salts are especially beneficial, as they contain many helpful minerals that support and nourish the skin. Mineral salt exfoliant is a natural purifier that removes toxins that can block the skin’s pores. When the skin “breathes,” blood circulation and the skin’s texture are improved.

Why Use Body Scrubs for Normal or Combination Skin

Even skin that’s of a “normal” type, not too oily and not too dry, is exposed at times to harsh soaps, environmental toxins, sun and wind. Every skin type, even healthy skin, requires daily moisturizing. And, as already stated, skin can’t reap the full benefits of a deep moisturizer unless pores are open and free of dead skin cells. This is why a body scrub, with exfoliating and moisturizing ingredients, is a great choice even for normal skin. Also, it is very common for people to have combination skin, with different types in different areas. For example, it may be oily in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin), but normal elsewhere. A well-balanced body scrub, with natural exfoliating and moisturizing/protective ingredients, will help support all areas.   
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