Chocolate Body Scrub

Who knew a little chocolate could be the saving grace your skin needed? Try our Organic Chocolate Body Scrub on for size. It smells like the best bar of the sweet stuff you’ve ever had. It makes your skin look younger and smoother than ever. And it costs you exactly 0 calories.

We take 100% organic, all-natural cacao nibs—those would be roasted pieces of cacao beans—and team them up with brown sugar to make one of the best exfoliating blends you’ve ever used. These little granules are great for scrubbing away dead skin cells, allowing the healthy new cells shine through. A dollop of cocoa butter helps moisturize your skin and soothes away any irritation. Great for those sore spots needing a little extra TLC.

To help give your skin a little extra protection against sun damage, we’ve blended in plenty of honeycomb, which contains vitamin A and can help the cocoa butter calm inflammation. Finally, a few dashes of our favorite essential oils—like spot-reducing sweet almond oil and moisturizing jojoba oil—feed your skin plenty of vitamins to keep those cells healthy and strong. It’s all in a day’s work, really.

So, it’s time to get great skin. Just slip our Organic Chocolate Body Scrub into the shower and smooth all over using gentle circular motions. Inhale that incredible chocolatey smell. Ahhh, instant relaxation. Rinse yourself off and step out of the steam refreshed and ready to take on, well, anything.

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