Coffee Body Scrub

Time for the best caffeine fix you’ve ever had. Turns out when coffee grounds are applied to the skin, the same stuff that brings you to life in the A.M. helps energize your epidermis by reducing redness and smoothing out any lumps or bumps that are bringing you down. Smooth, supple skin by the time you step out of the shower—not bad, right?

Another cool coffee fact you probably didn’t know is that it can help protect your skin from harmful UV rays while you’re out and about. While it won’t replace your usual sunscreen (and you must be applying some SPF every day to keep that skin protected), it’s a little added bonus courtesy of your A.M. BFF.

Of course, we’ve bolstered the amazing exfoliating power of coffee beans with a little brown sugar and dead sea mineral salt. Not only do these extra-special ingredients help slough away dead skin, they’re both packed full of vitamins and minerals that lock in moisture and keep your skin looking younger with each scrub.

Even better? We’ve rounded things out by including a few of our favorite essential oils—coconut oil to keep you hydrated, jojoba oil to dissolve acne-causing sebum, and grape seed oil to help protect your skin’s natural elastin and collagen. Oh, and did we mention that each and every ingredient is 100% organic, natural and chemical free?

So, give yourself a rubdown with our Organic Coffee Body Scrub in the morning for a little pick-me-up or in the evening for the perfect wind-down. Inhale deep and let that soothing coffee sent bring you to your happy place. Nice, isn’t it?

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