Rose Body Scrub

So, the rose: the symbol of love and beauty. Wonder why that is? It’s been used throughout the ages to help everyone from the ancient Greeks to modern-day movie stars get the best skin possible. Those little petals aren’t so dainty: they’re packed with essential oils that keep inflammation at bay and help the skin retain more moisture throughout the day. Not to mention the smell is simply divine.

Our Organic Rose Body Scrub brings rosebuds together with hydrating brown sugar to create a soothing exfoliator that whisks away dead skin and lets your radiant complexion really shine through. We’ve also blended in a few of our favorite oils to help keep that brand-new skin healthy. For starters, jojoba and tea tree oils keep the pores clean and hold those bothersome breakouts at bay. A little coconut oil locks in moisture, while a dab of sweet almond oil can help protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and can even help reduce the look of those pesky dark spots.

Finally, a dash of Vitamin E continues to help heal skin damage and provide relief for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, while shea butter protects your collagen and keeps the skin elastic. Sound like you’ve found the fountain of youth for your skin, right? Love and beauty, indeed.

Our favorite way to use the Organic Rose Body Scrub? As a little P.M. reward after a long day. Smooth onto your skin in the shower and gently scrub in soft, circular motions. Let the soothing floral scent sweep your cares away. Rinse and step out of the shower: you’re a modern-day Aphrodite. Get it, girl.

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