About Us

You’re not the same person you were yesterday. Or this morning. Or even a second ago. That’s because your skin is constantly regenerating, switching out those tired epidermis cells for some shiny new ones (how thoughtful). Out with the old, in with the new.

Problem is, sometimes those old cells want to stick around like a bad habit. Not like we can really blame them — you’re pretty cool and all — but they can really be a drag. First it’s some dullness, then before you know it they’re all up in your sebaceous glands, causing blackheads and pimples. Not such a great look.

That’s where we come in. What’s up? We’re SimplyScrub.

We know what you’re thinking. Funky-smelling soaps with weird plastic beads. Or creams that rub your skin raw. Tubes and tubs with mile-long ingredient lists. Kinda gross that this is the norm, huh?

Come on, you deserve better. So we’re doing better by you.

We spent two years doing some matchmaking, finding out which all-natural, all-organic ingredients made skin the happiest when their powers combined. Like little mad scientists, we were on the hunt for our own golden ratios.

The result? Four 100% Natural, 100% Organic, 100% Chemical-Free rubs that know how to move in all sorts of (not-so-mysterious) ways. SimplyScrub is just simple.

You’ve got brown sugar, sea salt, and other goodies that sweep across the skin and kick those dry old cells out the door. Bye bye bad ‘dermis.

Then you’ve got the oils. They sink right into the skin and help moisturize, treat, and protect those fresh, clean cells with all the nutrients they need to stay in tip-top shape all day, every day. You can even skip that post-shower dip in the body lotion, since SimplyScrub provides even more lovin’ goodness than your usual creams. Not to mention, all that rubbing helps improve circulation. We also think that silky-rough texture just feels kinda cool (but hey, we’re into that sort of thing).

Curious? Check it out: Rose. Soursop. Chocolate. Coffee. Click on each one to get the lowdown on all the goodness these SimplyScrubs got going on.

What’s that sound? Ahhh. Just the sound of satisfaction.