The Coffee Scrub is one of our favorite products to use when dullness and flakes are the issues. The firmness of the ground coffee beans provides a more intense exfoliation, which will really help dislodge any stuck skin. This scrub also contains shea butter and coconut oil, which will help keep the skin moisturized and nourished after you’ve polished yourself to a healthy glow. These healers also sink deep into the skin and provide protection long after you’ve scrubbed, so you can rest assured that your radiant complexion really sticks around.

Another great option for getting rid of dead skin is the Rose Scrub. The exfoliant in this product is brown sugar, which not only helps remove dead skin, it also helps lock in moisture. Rose petals also have natural antibacterial and toning properties, which help heal any rough spots and bumps that may be popping up, too. Add a dash of healing oils for extra moisture and nourishment, and you’ll be sitting pretty for sure.

Body Scrub For Dead Skin

Although your body is constantly shedding and regrowing your skin, it can sometimes use a little help. Even when skin dies, it can often stick around for a while, which is where that dull, itchy, flaky complexion comes from. Not cute. Thankfully, skin scrubs are phenomenal at removing dead skin. The gentle exfoliators in Simply Scrub help dislodge any dead dermal cells that have overstayed their welcome, which helps keep your pores clean and your skin bright.

Intense Body Scrub Helps Remove Dead Skin

Snakes will rub their bodies against rough surfaces to shed their old skin, but for us humans, this isn’t practical. That’s why at SimplyScrub, we carry a line of highly effective, 100% organic body scrubs! Packed full of beneficial, all-natural ingredients, our skin scrubs don’t just gently remove dead skin cells with highly effective, gentle exfoliation. They also rejuvenate skin with a variety of rich oils and other substances that help to promote soft, smooth, healthy skin.

For flaky, dull-looking skin, we recommend our Coffee Scrub or our Rose Scrub. Both are skin-loving superstars that will clean and moisturize your skin for a glowing complexion. Harness the power of coffee beans for something more than just your morning wake-up call. Coffee bean granules, along with the dead sea mineral salt and brown sugar found in our Coffee Body Scrub, will gently exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin cells and providing the perfect environment for healthy new skin. Coffee also has antioxidants that help the skin to defend itself against toxins. It protects against UV rays, improves circulation and makes skin bright and smooth. Dead sea mineral salt, in addition to exfoliating, has many beneficial minerals that seep into and support the skin. Tea tree oil is antibacterial, while shea butter, jojoba oil and grape seed oil have moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and collagen-restoring properties.

Roses are red, violets are blue, our organic Rose Scrub ditches dead skin for you! That might not be much of a rhyme, but our 100% natural rose body scrub uses the power of rose petals (and several other healthy ingredients) to gently remove dead skin cells and provide strong support for vibrant skin rejuvenation. This powerful exfoliant contains brown sugar, which moisturizes while it deeply penetrates to loosen and remove dead skin cells. It also promotes healthy new growth along with other skin-friendly ingredients. The rosebud petals clean, tone and moisturize. They also help to control sebum (oils), and their antioxidant properties block free radicals, germs and skin irritants. Other skin fortifying and moisturizing substances include shea butter and coconut, tea tree, avocado, jojoba and sweet almond oils.