Body Scrub For Men

Listen up, guys — we know you want good skin, too. And we know you glaze over in the skin care section of the store (where do you even start?). All you need to improve that complexion is a skin scrub and a few minutes in the shower. No need for additional moisturizers or lotions. No extra time spent. Simply Scrub does it all — and then some.

What exactly does a scrub do for you?

Take our coffee or chocolate scrubs, for example. The finely ground coffee beans and cacao nibs are going to exfoliate your skin as you rub the scrub all over in the shower. That means the particles will scour away dead skin cells and smooth out any bumps, making your complexion smooth, even, and (dare we say it?) kissably soft. Then, moisturizers like coconut oil and shea butter sink down into all those layers of the dermis to keep your skin hydrated. That means no more flakes or tightness. Dig it?

Each of our scrubs also contains essential oils and vitamins to help relieve your toughest skin issues:

  • Acne scars got you down? The chocolate scrub has sweet almond oil and cocoa butter to help reduce the appearance of those unsightly marks. And, the coffee scrub has tea tree oil to destroy bacteria and disinfect pores, to keep breakouts from coming back.
  • Eczema ruining your day? Both scrubs contain Vitamin E, which helps reduce redness and soothes irritation for lasting relief.
  • Too much time in the sun? The chocolate scrub contains sweet almond oil and honeycomb to help lighten up any dark spots and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Plus, the grape seed oil in the coffee scrub will help boost the elastin and collagen in your skin, making you look younger and more toned. Always a good thing, right?

Click on through to our coffee and chocolate scrubs to learn more about the benefits, and be sure to check out our other scrubs as well. Warning: once you’ve scrubbed your way to a newer, brighter you, there’s no going back. But why would you want to?

Coffee Body Scrub
$ 28.00

Weight: 9oz (255 ml)
Chocolate Body Scrub
$ 24.00

Weight: 9oz (255 ml)
Chocolate Body Scrub Jar
$ 14.00

Weight: 3.5oz (103 ml)
Coffee Body Scrub Jar
$ 14.00

Weight: 3.5oz (103 ml)