Our Chocolate Scrub may help with the removal of small scars because it contains sweet almond oil and cocoa butter. Sweet almond oil can help soften the skin, and it absorbs readily and makes the skin smooth and even. Cocoa Butter has similar properties. This smooth substance penetrates deeply into the skin and imparts softness and moisture to all layers of the dermis. As your skin grows and regenerates, healthier skin will come to the surface and help replace stiff, damaged scar tissue.

The Rose Scrub can also be effective in healing small scars. This product also contains sweet almond oil, along with Vitamin E and rose bud petals. These last two ingredients have natural antibacterial properties, which can help promote the growth of healthier skin and make scars less visible by evening out skin tone.

Body Scrub For Scars

Scars can happen throughout our lives for many different reasons, such as issues with acne or from bumps and scrapes that never healed properly. Scars are notoriously difficult to fade away, but the gentle exfoliation of a skin scrub can help regenerate new skin cells and remove damaged tissues over time.

Body Scrub Promotes Skin Regeneration to Erase Scars

Do you have a scar from an accident or a bout of acne that never properly healed? There are various kinds of scars and treatments. An exfoliating body scrub can help to remove damaged skin cells and support the growth of healthy new skin. Our organic Chocolate Body Scrub and Rose Body Scrub are two products that we recommend for removing scars and supporting healthy skin regeneration.

Chocolate isn’t just a delicious mood enhancer. It’s also wonderful for the skin. Our Chocolate Scrub harnesses the power of cacao nibs and cocoa butter to first gently exfoliate and get rid of dead skin cells and then smooth and moisturize. A little brown sugar aids in the exfoliation process, while an army of healing substances such as shea butter, almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil and vitamin E moisturize, protect, and support the growth of new skin cells. Honeycomb, with its natural antioxidant and antibacterial properties, removes toxins from the skin and prevents free radicals from causing those telltale signs of premature aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. In addition to helping scars to fade away, you’ll have smoother, glowing skin.

Our Rose Scrub offers many benefits, as it gently removes dead skin cells and supports healthy new skin regeneration. Rose petals, with their antioxidant properties, fight off free radicals that can cause one’s skin to prematurely age. They also provide toning for tighter pores and are a natural antibacterial agent, keeping skin free of germs and irritants. Rose also controls skin oils, for a smoother, cleaner complexion. As with our chocolate scrub, brown sugar is added as a gentle, moisturizing exfoliant, plus a complementary collection of organic oils, rich shea butter, and vitamin E provide a deeply healing and supportive environment for healthy, vibrant skin.

Our special body scrubs are designed for maximum penetration for a luxurious experience of completely organic healing for beautiful skin.