Soursop Body Scrub

Soursop Body Scrub has a rating of 4.8 stars.
Soursop is spiky green fruit that’s grown in South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia, and makes a very unique body scrub filled with skin nutrition.


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Soursop Scrub Organic Ingredients

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  • Coconut Oil

    This wunderkind of the food world boasts a mile-long list of benefits. One of the best moisturizers Mother Earth produces, with natural antiviral properties and a hefty dose of vitamin E that helps keep major skin conditions under control.

  • Dead Sea Salt

    There’s a reason people come from all over to take a dip in the Dead Sea. This salt has 21 different minerals that can help soothe the skin. We’re talking magnesium to help slow aging, potassium to help moisturize, and calcium to keep those cell membranes good and strong. We can go on and on, but that would be like bragging.

  • Grape Seed Oil

    Another anti-aging powerhouse, this non-allergenic oil helps protect the natural elastin and collagen in your skin, keeping you looking trim and toned all over.

  • Green Tea

    You don’t just need a cuppa to reap all that green tea has to offer. When put to work on the skin, green tea’s ECGG antioxidants can help reduce breakouts and help prevent wrinkles. Plus, the polyphenols have been shown to help prevent skin cancer, so you’ll be extra glad to give yourself a rub down with the green goodness.

  • Jojoba Oil

    Acne got you down? Jojoba Oil helps dissolve sebum (that stuff that clogs your pores). And, even though it sinks right in (no greasy stuff here), it’ll also keep moisture locked inside the skin. An acne treatment that doesn’t dry you out? Yeah, we went there.

  • Mint Leaves

    Mint isn’t just refreshing on the palate - it’s pretty refreshing for your skin, too. This everyday herb helps reduce swelling and redness, and soothes itchiness, and its natural salicylic acid kicks out any dead skin cells. With a dash of vitamin B to brighten, you’ve got the recipe for happy.

  • Shea Butter

    Kind of the queen of moisturizers. This luscious spread is full of essential fatty acids, which helps keep your collagen up and running and keeps that skin good and elastic. You’ll be extra happy to get your scrub on with shea, since it can also help ease muscle fatigue, leaving you rejuvenated.

  • Soursop Leaves

    These lovely leaves are full of protein, calcium, and vitamins A and B, and is great at soothing and healing sores. Got eczema, rheumatism, or psoriasis? This is your new BFF.

  • Vitamin E

    Vitamin E soothes eczema and psoriasis, and delivers a healthy dose of antioxidants to the skin, which can help boost collagen production and promote new skin cell growth. You want this over-achiever on your team.

Sour-wha? Here’s the lowdown: Kinda pineappley, kinda strawberry-y (and all sorts of delicious), the leaves are where the real magic happens. These big, smooth fronds are full of vitamins A and B, and vitamin C, which soothes the skin when it’s acting all funky - we’re talking serious relief for eczema, rheumatism, and other skin conditions. Combine that with the anti-inflammatory effects of mint, a little gentle exfoliation from the brown sugar, and a whole lot of vitamin-rich oils, and you’ve got the perfect potion to help keep even your worst skin situations at bay.

Benefits of Using
Simply Scrub

Gentle Exfoliation
Improve Circulation
Reduce Skin Aging
Moisturize and Protect Skin
Prevent Skin Breakouts